Wednesday, 5 November 2014

MONDAY NOV 10th, 7.30 at The Red & Green
With Neal Lawson, national chair, Compass, 

Come along and hear Neal Lawson outline ways we can build ‘The Good Society’

Compass is a home for those who want to build and be a part of a Good Society; one where equality, sustainability and democracy are not mere aspirations, but a living reality. It is founded on the belief that no single issue, organisation or political party can make a Good Society a reality by themselves so we have to work together to make it happen. Compass is a place where people come together to create the visions, alliances and actions to be the change we wish to see in the world.
Neal Lawson is Chair of the good society pressure group Compass and was author of All Consuming (Penguin, 2009) He serves on the boards of UK Feminista and We Own It!, is a Contributing Editor of the social democracy journal Renewal and is a Associate Member at the Bauman Institute at Leeds University. He writes regularly for The Guardian and the New Statesman. In the past he worked as a trade union researcher, an advisor to Gordon Brown and ran a communications company. He now does some consultancy work for the progressive communicators Jericho Chambers. Neal has been described by Zygmunt Bauman as “one of the most insightful and inventive minds on the British political stage” and his work developing the European Good Society project has been described by the Gottingen University as “one of the most striking attempts to redefine social democracy for the 21st century and has triggered a wide international debate”.

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